Japanese medical doctor turned into acupuncture/TCM practitioner 

When I enrolled at the Hyogo College of Medicine in Japan, I was following the footsteps of my Grandfather who had been a great physician and healer for many years. I perfected my mastery of Western Medicine as a Doctor of Internal Medicine at East Kobe Hospital in Japan. I then immigrated to Toronto to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You may not know that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. This is partly due to advanced medical training and a holistic view of health. That is also why I pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine. My highest medical values are centered on caring for the whole person.

Matano Clinic is located in a Comercial Building on Yonge Street in Toronto. We have convenient access to the 2 subway stations. When you enter Matano Clinic, the first thing you notice is the clean, comfortable atmosphere. Our treatment room is private so I can apply my deep understanding of Eastern and Western medicine to help you. Communication is easy and I truly listen to your concerns. It is important to know that TCM often succeeds where other practices fail and I will let you know the full treatment required to help you heal. This is not just an acupuncture clinic, it is a place of hope, healing, and relationships.

From chronic pain, to mental issues such as anxiety, women’s issues, weight loss, and skin disorders, I can help you achieve health and hope for tomorrow.

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I am currently working at “Nagomi.”
2372A Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario 


Hours of operation
Mon – Saturday

Arrangements can be made for late hour appointments, house calls etc.