Depression / Stress / Anxiety Relief

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the more misunderstood conditions in modern life. It almost seems as technology and the like make life easier, it comes at a cost – the fast pace and prolific media of modern life puts undo pressure on people, and can make them feel overwhelmed. Especially when it seems “everyone else” is doing just fine. Combine this with the fact that imbalances in one’s body are very real, and it creates fertile ground for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Regardless of the reason, Matano Clinic for Acupuncture and holistic health in Toronto can assist you. Whether it’s recent, short-term anxiety, new stress in your life, or a lifelong battle with depression, we can help you understand the cause, and help your body heal itself of these very real (and very debilitating) afflictions. We utilize a combination of Acupuncture, Herbal Remedies, and relaxing, healing Massage to stimulate your body’s energy and help you be your best self.

The Mind / Body Connection

One of the core beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the connection between the mind and the body (and vice-versa). When something is amiss in the body, the mind can be affected. And we’re not just talking about the obvious (“my back hurts, which depresses me”.)In plain terms, your internal workings – the energy inside you (which the Chinese call Qi, or “Chi”) – is vital to your well-being. Disruptions in the flow of Qi can lead to a myriad of conditions, both physical and mental in nature.

Combine this with the fact that modern life is very stressful (as we alluded to earlier). Indeed, we have made many things easier with technology (getting from one town to another is not an impossibly huge task anymore), but the price we pay is we always seem to be “on”. The phone never stops ringing, your e-mail never ceases, we work longer hours (and even at home), and, thanks to a very pervasive media, social pressure is enormous. These causeundue stress on your body’s natural workings and energy flow. And yes, could very well be the reason you aren’t feeling your best mentally. Depression and anxiety don’t always require a pill.

If you believe you can feel better, reach out and contact us. We’ll spend time with you, talk about how you are feeling, and give you a full examination. We’ll figure out why you aren’t feeling your best, and develop a wellness program that will give your body and mind a chance to view life as they should – with a sunny disposition.