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Can you treat (insert your condition)?

Yes. Traditional Chinese Medicine is for healing the human body. Let us diagnose you – together, we’ll work out a treatment / wellness plan for you.

Can you describe your treatment methodology?

We like to start with an in-depth examination, and really take the proper time to understand what is going on in your body. Then, together, we work out a treatment plan that is 100% customized to you. From acupuncture sessions to the precise dosage of Chinese Medicines, everything is tailored to you.

What are your rates?

Truthfully, they vary with every condition. We typically need to adjust the treatment depending on your condition, and also treatment methods we use are different from person to person. Therefore we can’t set a “hard” price for everyone.

The above said, we don’t want to be 100% vague on the question, either. So it’s fair to say many (but not all) treatments run about $75-$100 per session if what you need is acupuncture and/or Tuina massage. If Chinese herbs are what is required, the fees vary on what herbs you need.

Is my visit covered by insurance?

Some health insurance policies cover Traditional Chinese Medicine. But some do not – you have to check with your insurance carrier.

Do you take Credit Cards?

Not at this point. However we accept payment through Paypal.

Where are you located, and what areas do you serve?

We are located at 490a Yonge Street, Toronto (between College/Carlton and Wellesley streets.) We serve all of Toronto, and the surrounding area.

What languages do you speak?

We all speak English – we’ll have no trouble communicating.

Can I come in for just acupuncture?

We tend to shy away from the patient telling us what they want us to do. Many, many of our treatments include acupuncture, but in the end, we’ll decide together what treatment is best for you.

Is your treatment considered “alternative”?

If you wish to use the word “alternative” to describe what we do, that’s fine. Everyone does. We like to think health and wellness need no adjectives, but since society has deemed us “alternative”, so be it. We DO know our treatments are natural, and not made in a lab.

You mentioned on the website that Teruki is a doctor in Japan. What does this mean here in Toronto?

It means Teruki knows medical conditions as a licensed professional, and understands the terminology (e.g.: high blood pressure, etc.) But he cannot use the designation “Doctor” in Canada. The best way to put it is Teruki practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada, while you also get the benefits of his other education.