Trouble sleeping?
Gastro-Intestinal issues?
Skin problems?
All of the above? (yikes!)
Or is it something else entirely?

Talk to us – we can help you.

Matano Clinic for Acupuncture and Holistic Health is a Healing and Wellness Center that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to diagnose and address a wide variety of medical conditions. From something as obvious as insomnia to “I just don’t feel right”, we have many different traditional methodologies which can bring you the relief you seek.

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine was the primary medical care in China, and today, it still encompasses 40% of all health care of the most populous nation on earth. Which should tell you something about the effectiveness of TCM as a “general healthcare” staple.

One of the misunderstandings of TCM is it’s only for specific conditions (acupuncture for headache pain or similar). But nothing could be further from the truth. Teruki Acupuncture and Chinese Healing Center can help you from your head to your toes, and everywhere in-between. From acupuncture to healing massage to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology, we can help you naturally (the way your body was meant to heal).

Some people choose us as a last resort (when traditional medicine has failed). Some people believe the natural ways we promote healing are best. And still others are curious (e.g.: CAN this really help me?)

Regardless of how you came here, we want you to rest assured that we can help you. We’ll listen to you as you describe your symptoms, we’ll give you a full diagnosis, and settle on a treatment program which best addresses your condition and puts you on the path to optimal health.

If you are in the Toronto or surrounding area, we’d love to help you. To schedule an appointment, contact us here.