*Please note – we treat all manner of conditions here, from pain/headache to women’s issues to depression and more. This “services” page is more to go over our methodology and techniques.

Matano Clinic for Acupuncture and holistic health specializes in applying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to a variety of medical conditions for wellness and health. But some people are confused to exactly what “Traditional Chinese Medicine” encompasses. So here are the three main components of such:


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. As a brief explanation, the basis of Acupuncture is the belief that energy (Qi, pronounced “Chi”) flows through your body through specific pathways (called Meridians). It is further believed many medical conditions are caused by the disruption of the flow of Qi. The stimulationof certain points along these pathways (with fine, painless needles) corrects disruptions and imbalances in the Qi flow, and promotes healing.

In all honesty, that’s it – that’s acupuncture in a nutshell. Not too complicated, right? The next time you have a headache, pinch the skin between your thumb and index finger hard. Does the headache subside for a brief second? There you go.

We utilize acupuncture to address a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. Sometimes we combine Acupuncture with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Massage, depending on your individual needs. Typically, positive results can be achieved in just a few sessions (again, this depends on the individual and the condition.)

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Sometimes referred to “Chinese Herbology”, Chinese Herbal Medicine is simply the practice of utilizing the natural healing the Earth provides us. The main components are herbal in nature (plants, roots, leaves, etc), but can also include animal-based ingredients, and even minerals/stones.  In all, there are records of more than 13,000 different medicinals, and more than 100,000 different recipes. Obviously, having access to that many is a little unwieldy, so we focus on what has been proven to work. Regardless of condition, it is likely there is a Chinese Herbal Medicine which can address it.

One large advantage of Chinese Herbal Medicine is how it works with the other components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also the connection it has with nature. There are many people who feel modern society has gotten away from natural health and healing, and instead embraces artificial, lab-produced “meds” which treat symptoms instead of causes. Chinese Herbal Medicine is the precise opposite of that, and has won millions of fans the world over.

We are well-versed in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and, if needed, can utilize such to provide relieve from what ails you. Contact Us to learn more.

Tuina Massage

Tuina Massage dates back to about 1700 BC, and is the art manipulating the body’s natural flow of energy through the joints and muscles. The principal is based on opening the defensive Qi (called wei) to better stimulate the flow of positive Qi through the meridians. It is sometimes used in conjecture with acupuncture, as they address different areas of energy flow (Acupuncture is more interior in nature, whereas massage is outside the body.) While most people enjoy a nice massage, the relaxing effects of Tuina Massage are secondary to the healing it promotes – i.e.: it is not unusual to massage an area away from the pain to address such.

All of our practitioners are skilled in Tuina Massage, and can/will utilize this ancient art in your healing and wellness program.

The above services are a brief overview of what we do. If you have any questions regarding such, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.